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Jeremy Deller


Jeremy Deller


CityLife Park, Milan
April 12 – 15, 2018


The Fondazione Nicola Trussardi invited the celebrated British artist Jeremy Deller – winner of the 2004 Turner Prize – to realize his first solo project in collaboration with an Italian institution. With Sacrilege, Deller brings to the heart of the CityLife sculpture park in Milan a giant inflatable installation that is a life-sized reconstruction of the archeological site of Stonehenge – a historic monument that is an icon of British culture and heritage, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. Jeremy Deller defines himself as an “instigator of social interventions”: his works are often characterized by audience participation, his sculptures are social experiences in which performances, videos, and installations become places of exchange and aggregation. This was also the starting point for Sacrilege, originally created for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, and later displayed in London on the occasion of the 2012 Olympics. With the sense of humor that characterizes many of his projects, Deller transforms the Stonehenge monument into a giant inflatable toy for children, reproducing it in plastic and turning it into a funfair attraction 35 meters in diameter; the public is thus called upon to interact with the installation, to climb onto it, and to jump and play within it.


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The Fondazione Nicola Trussardi is a non-profit institution for the promotion of contemporary culture, founded in Milan in 1996.

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Neither a museum nor a collection, since 2003 – with Beatrice Trussardi as Chairman, and Massimiliano Gioni as Artistic Director – the Trussardi Foundation explores new territories and modes of presenting contemporary art, by pushing the boundaries of the spaces traditionally devoted to today’s creativity. The Foundation works on the creation of temporary events to demonstrate that art can give a new identity and international visibility to the city, entering our everyday, public existence to enrich it with unexpected languages and experiences.

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The Foundation’s exhibitions provide both residents and visitors with the chance to rediscover hidden jewels of historical architecture, which are filled with new life through to the energy and vision of contemporary art. The Foundation has restored, reopened and re-established within our collective imagination historical buildings and iconic places, where international artists have been invited to create new and ambitious works especially for these occasions.

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Covers Project

Since 2003 till 2010 the Trussardi Foundation invited over 50 young Italian artists to design the cover of the Foundation website and to select a list of links to navigate the web.

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