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310 WORDS FOR MARTIN CREED  -  a project by Matthew Higgs

Absurd. Accessible. Accommodating. Accumulative. Acoustic. Acquiescent. Acute. Adaptable. Adequate. Adorable. Adroit. Aesthetic. Alchemic. Alright. Altruistic. Amateurish. Ambient. Ambivalent. Amenable. Amusing. Anal. Angular. Anticlimactic. Anxious. Apolitical. Apologetic. Appreciative. Approachable. Approximate. Archetypal. Articulate. Autonomous. Average. Awkward.

Balloon. Banal. Barefaced. Bashful. Basic. Beautiful. Benign. Blithe. Boring. Brusque. Burlesque.

Calculated. Camp. Candid. Careful. Casual. Catalytic. Categorical. Cathartic. Cautious. Cerebral. Characteristic. Charming. Circuitous. Circumstantial. Clean. Clichéd. Coercive. Colloquial. Commensurate. Common. Communicative. Compatible. Complex. Comprehensible. Compulsive. Conceptual. Conciliatory. Conformist. Congenial. Connective. Conscientious. Contagious. Contextual. Contradictory. Contrary. Contrite. Convivial. Cool. Crafty. Creedal. Critical. Cryptic. Cumulative. Curious.

Dandyish. Debonair. Democratic. Descriptive. Diacritical. Dialectic. Diffident. Dilettantish. Diminutive. Discreet. Documentary. Doleful. Domestic. Durational. Dysfunctional.

Earnest. Earthly. Easy. Ebullient. Eccentric. Echoic. Eclectic. Economic. Effortless. Egalitarian. Elemental. Emotional. Empathetic. Endearing. Entertaining. Episodic. Equivocal. Esoteric.

Fastidious. Fecund. Felicitous. Finicky. Forlorn. Formal. Friendly. Functional. Fundamental. Funny.

Generous. Gingerly.

Habitual. Heartfelt. Homogenous. Honest. Hopeful. Humane. Humble. Humdrum. Humorous. Hypothetical.

Iconoclastic. Idealistic. Idiomatic. Imitative. Immediate. Impecunious. Implicit. Impulsive. Inchoate. Incidental. Inclusive. Incongruous. Ingenious. Innocent. Inquisitive. Instinctive. Instructional. Insubstantial. Intentional. Interactive. Intimate. Introverted. Irreverent. Itinerate.

Jovial. Judicious.


Laborious. Laconic. Latent. Lateral. Lean. Less. Liberal. Liberating. Life-sized. Light. Liminal. Literal. Local. Logical. Loose. Lowly. Lucid. Lugubrious. Luminary.

Macro. Makeshift. Mannered. Marginal. Materialistic. Matter of fact. Maverick. Meditative. Melancholic. Melodic. Methodological. Micro. Middling. Mimetic. Minimal. Mischievous. Mnemonic. Moderate. Momentary. Multiple.

Neurotic. Nominal. Nondescript. No-nonsense. Normal. Nothing. Notional. Numerical.
Objective. Oblique. Obsessive. Obstinate. Odd. Off-key. Ongoing. Open-ended. Opportunistic. Orderly. Ordinary. Organic. Orthodox.

Paradoxical. Parasitic. Parenthetic. Particular. Pathetic. Pedantic. Persistent. Pessimistic. Playful. Populist. Positive. Pragmatic. Primary.


Rational. Realistic. Reasonable. Recycled. Reductive. Reflexive. Regular. Repetitious. Representative. Repressed. Reserved. Rigorous. Romantic. Routine.

Sanguine. Satiric. Schematic. Seamless. Sedate. Seductive. Self-conscious. Self-deprecating. Self-effacing. Self-explanatory. Self-referential. Semantic. Seminal. Sensory. Sentimental. Sequential. Serial. Simple. Social. Something. Speculative. Standard. Stereotypical. Stoic. Structural. Subjective. Superfluous. Systematic.

Temporary. Tenacious. Theatrical. Timeless. Tolerant. Traditional. Transient. True. Typical.

Unadorned. Unaffected. Uncertain. Uncontrived. Uniform. Universal. Unlimited. Uplifting.






Whilst working on this project, I happened upon the word ‘creed’ in the Oxford Concise English Dictionary. It was defined thus:

creed/kri:d/n. a set of principles or opinions, esp. as a philosophy of life (his creed is moderation in everything).

Moderation is everything: that’s Martin Creed’s philosophy of life and the operating principle behind his art. Never can an artist have been so appositely named.